Kokua's Kapers

A fan tribute site for Hawaii Five-O's Ben Kokua

Al Harrington

About This Site
I would like to take this opportunity to say "Thank You" to Mr. Harrington
for his fantastic portrayal of Ben Kokua. ;-)

I adore the character which is why I created this site.

Us Ben fans truly appreciate you and & your talents and we can't thank you
enough for giving us Ben Kokua. ;-)
Only you could pull off portraying him in Hawaii Five-O and I can see no other doing so.

It is my sincere hope with this site that I can capture all of Ben's smiles and
characters that make him Ben Kokua.

One thing I have noticed is that he speaks with facial expressions
as well as his hands, even if there were no spoken lines. Only Mr. Harrington could pull this off with this
character. I have also noticed eye expressions. :-)

A little about me...I live in the Hoosier state with my crazy cat and
have several character specific websites. Those links can be located on the Links page

It wasn't until I obtained some Ebay Finds
that, I realized just how talented Mr. Harrington is. ;-) My only wish is that I could have
actually seen his show while watching Al Harrington's Hawaii video.

Actually, living in Indiana has its drawbacks but it also gives us the opportunity to travel to exotic places, such as Las Vegas to see the Fab Four tribute show. Yes, nothing to do with Al Harrington or Ben Kokua,
but at least I got to see the "Beatles"...even if they were actors.

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